We’ve been a trusted telecommunications provider for decades, offering bespoke and flexible solutions to ensure your business is always one step ahead.

Our vision

At Service Telecom, we offer a fresh approach to telecommunications. We don’t believe telecom support services and systems need to be complicated or difficult to manage. Instead, we consolidate all your telecom services into one simple, competitively priced monthly bill. 

Over the years, we’ve positioned ourselves as alternative business telephone line providers in the UK market, specialising in creating the perfect voice, connectivity, mobile, and telephone packages – no matter your business’s size.

Now with a focus on helping North West businesses grow, develop, and adapt to an increasingly digital world, our knowledge, experience, and expertise can make a real difference to your business. With our services, you can become more agile, responsive, efficient, and productive. We help you stay competitive in your industry and find the communication solutions you need to keep you at peak performance.


Straightforward, flexible solutions

Our aim is to make the process of choosing unified communication solutions as hassle-free as possible. Rather than purchasing four or five individual services from separate suppliers, our extensive knowledge of the market, ongoing relationships with high-quality providers, and industry expertise allow you to consolidate all your telecommunication requirements into one straightforward monthly bill. In doing so, we remove the complexity of managing multiple bills and reduce costs by offering competitively-priced packages that ensure all your needs are met. 

We understand that every business is different, requiring different solutions to help them with their operations. This is why we work closely alongside our clients to create bespoke packages that fully meet all the unique requirements of your business. Priding ourselves on the long-standing relationships we forge with our clients, we provide a long-term, flexible solution that can grow and evolve alongside your business.


An impartial, guiding approach

As an independent provider, we can offer impartial advice and source from the whole of the market to create cost-effective solutions specific to your business’s requirements. Without ties to specific providers or companies, we only develop solutions that will prove valuable to your business, with no ulterior motives.

Our collaborative approach allows us to source and implement the very best products and services available, so your business can continue to thrive and strengthen its place in your industry.

Wherever possible, we like to provide a guiding approach for our clients. For smaller businesses that aren’t entirely sure what their business needs or where to start, we are a reliable partner that will take the time to fully understand your business and ensure you are aware of all the options available to you. We arm you with all the information you need to make the most informed decisions when it comes to your communication solutions. Alternatively, if you know exactly what you need, we can implement the necessary solutions efficiently and seamlessly, with no disruption to your business.

Why not ask us how we can help your business?