Keeping your business running at its most efficient and productive

from just £25-Per device, our maintenance cover keeps your business communications up and running.

Nothing will stop your business in its tracks quite like temperamental communications. Whether you have one site or multiple sites, if your office phone systems goes down, the disruption to your business could be massive.

Consumers expect businesses to be available as and when they need them. They often assume communication will always be smooth, easy, and reliable. And if it’s not, they’ll be quick to look elsewhere.

This means if your communication systems are prone to crashing or failing, your business’s growth and reputation could suffer.

Starting from just £25 a month, our maintenance cover ensures your business communications stay up and running, with maximum productivity and efficiency. You can continue to grow your business, confident in the knowledge that your telephone systems will always be working optimally. Your customers can always reach you and you can provide a premium service no matter what.

A Service Telecom maintenance package gives you the peace of mind that, should any issues arise, all problems will be dealt with and resolved quickly and professionally by our expert team. We’ll always be on hand to keep your business operational and there are no hidden charges for our support. You simply pay your monthly premium and we’ll be there to help whenever you need us.

Our packages not only provide comfort and protection for your business, but they also save you money and stress. With our ongoing support, you minimise the need for emergency callouts which can often prove expensive and difficult to obtain. 

At Service Telecom, we offer three levels of cover, starting from just £25 per extension. If you’re interested in our maintenance services, we’re happy to discuss with you and decide on a package that suits your needs best.

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