Flexible Regional Geographic Numbers and 0843, 0844 Numbers

Choose a regional geographic number from Service Telecom. When you are called on that number, our network forwards the call to a fixed line or mobile phone of your choice.

If you offer services to your local community, it is likely that your clients will want to call a services provider in the area they live in.

Think of a doctor, plumber or lawyer, people are likely to dial their local area code to find these services. You may want to gain business in a neighbouring area. Local area geographic virtual numbers allow you to advertise a local area UK number, but your office could be anywhere! You can divert your local area number to your mobile, fixed line, voicemail, fax to email or switchboard so you will never miss any calls or client enquiries!

  • Incoming 0844 and 0843 calls are completely FREE to receive
  • RGN calls cost from less than 1ppm
  • Divert your incoming calls to a mobile
  • Voicemail ensures you never miss a vital call

  • Time-of-day routing makes it simple to redirect incoming calls to a different number automatically
  • Exclusive online portal makes managing your numbers incredibly easy
  • Your customers pay just 5p a minute to call you at any time – including calls to a mobile
  • No connection charge

Massive range of 0844, 0843, 01, 02 and 03 numbers to pick from, for every size of business

0844 and 0843 numbers are identical in the way they operate and the way they’re charged.  They’re sometimes called ‘non-geographic numbers’ (or NGN for short) because their numbers don’t designate a particular town or area, unlike 0207 and 0208, for example.

You simply choose which of your existing phone numbers you want your new 0844 or 0843 to be linked to. So when your customers call this number, all their calls are instantly and automatically redirected to your selected ‘destination’ number.

And, for maximum convenience and flexibility, you can change the destination number as often as you’d like – using our online portal – absolutely free. For example, when you’re away on business your Service Telecom 0844 or 0843 can simply be redirected to a new number and your clients are none the wiser.

You can also divert your  0844 or 0843 to a mobile at no extra cost. So you could advertise your business with 0844 and take all the calls on your mobile.

No need to buy additional equipment or rent additional phone lines

Naturally, you can continue using the phone number your 0844 or 0843 number is linked to exactly as you did previously for incoming and outgoing calls. All the call rerouting is done by us remotely (and automatically) so your normal phone service carries on uninterrupted. For the same reason, you never need to buy any additional phones or equipment or rent any additional lines from your telephone service provider.

With our 0844 and 0843 numbers, your customers’ calls cost them only 5p a minute Anyone who calls your 0844 or 0843 number will just pay 5p a minute. This is a flat rate that applies 24 hours a day, every day of the year without exceptions. And of course, all these calls are completely free for you to receive.

Moving to new premises


Take our 0844 or 0843, when you move to a new office or new premises, you don’t have to reprint your promotional materials or amend your website to show a new phone number. This is because, with our 0844s, your 0844 number remains constant even though your actual geographic location may have changed dramatically – perhaps to the other end of the UK! To your customers, you’re still in the same place you always were.

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