Improving connectivity across your business and keeping multi-site operations simple.

  • Fully Managed Network Solutions
  • Cloud Based Portal
  • Simple Management
  • Simple V-Lan Setup and Management
  • Usage and performance statistics
  • Guest Wi-fi Option
  • Automatic or Manual firmware updates

Improving connectivity across your business and keeping multi-site operations simple.

At Service Telecom, our networking services allow you to maximise connectivity and efficiency across your business. With a dedicated, private network between different offices or locations, you can perform daily operations confident that your business has the privacy, security, and efficiency needed to be its best.

Your network infrastructure will carry the weight of your entire business. Which is why we offer reliable, flexible, and scalable network solutions to support you not only now, but long into the future. 


In ever-changing and evolving industries, with new, emerging technologies always on the horizon, it’s important you’re equipped to adapt and keep up with your technological solutions. You need your network to work for you, something which can come from our office cabling services.

When you’re looking for remote working solutions, it’s increasingly important to make sure your team and business are united and connected even when physically apart. With our networking services, we enable safe, secure, and reliable sharing of data and communications to make daily operations significantly easier and more streamlined.


Even when working from home, on-site, or in different offices, we allow your staff to access all the necessary information, networks, and applications they need to perform their job to the best of their ability, maximising uptime and productivity for your organisation as a whole.

Cloud-Based Management

Thanks to Unifi’s Management System, our customers can manage the site themselves or we can do it on their behalf. If you choose to manage it yourself, you might find it’s easier for you to maintain. This system gives you the freedom to access and manage any switch and fixed Wi-Fi connections, allowing you to monitor how it’s being used, how secure it is, and who’s accessing it.

At Service Telecom, we want our clients’ businesses to be the best they possibly can be. And we feel maintaining a secure, reliable, and scalable network infrastructure is a massive part of this.

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