Hosted Systems

PBX in the cloud is your phone system delivered from the cloud rather than your office.

Hosted solutions give you features and functionality of a traditional telephone system without hefty initial investments and on-going costs.

Why Hosted?

Hosted solutions are just like traditional telephone systems, providing all the same features and functions you’ve come to expect from your telephony services. However, by hosting your system externally in the cloud, you save yourself hefty initial investments and on-going overheads to keep your systems well-maintained and functioning.

Service Telecom can install and maintain a hosted phone system powered by BT. You can have between 1 and 10,000 handsets, either in your office or for your home workers, with all the benefits and features of the cloud. You can leave all the delivery and management work to us here at Service Telecom.


Cloud-based telephone systems are accessed through the internet. This allows you, via a web-based portal, to manage and configure your IP-based telephone solutions easily according to your business’s needs at any given time. You can adapt your systems to suit changing demands and call volume in a straightforward manner.

With features such as call forwarding, call recording, music on hold, auto attendant, voicemail to email, and suite of mobile and desktop applications, our hosted communications provide your business with a professional and customer-friendly telecommunications process. 


As a result, every caller gets the high level of service they expect, customers are left satisfied, your business’s reputation stays positive, and you can continue to grow your business long into the future. 


Cloud-based telephone services take over a lot of the legwork, so you can focus your attention on core business operations, confident your telecommunications are running smoothly in the background.

At Service Telecom, we offer a wide variety of packages to suit your individual work environment and business goals. We work alongside you to decide on an innovative solution that suits your needs best. And wherever possible, we look to provide cost-effective solutions that don’t compromise on efficiency and results.


And if you need to change your systems, our hosted service allows you to adjust in real-time as and when your needs change.


With our hosted solutions, we’re not only delivering high-quality, reliable phone services but also the next level of unified communications experience, allowing users to work and collaborate virtually from anywhere, on any device. As more and more businesses start to recognise the benefits of working remotely, this high level of quality communication across an organisation becomes invaluable.

Whether you’re looking for a new cloud phone system altogether or are interested in integrating UC into your existing infrastructure, our flexible, bespoke packages at Service Telecom deliver a suite of communication tools that are designed to meet all your business needs.