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By asking advice from an independent supplier you get just that independent advice! We are not tied to one system supplier so we can recommend the right system for your requirements. Let us guide you through the minefield we can find you telephone systems that is appropriate for your needs.


Is it right for you?

We spend time with our clients so that they get the time to consider all the options they may require. Once we have identified the features that are important, we can arrange a demonstration of the system. No one should be afraid to ask us as many questions as they want. The touch and feel of the system is important, as is the opportunity to practice using the features of the system. It is the only way to really tell if the system suits you and your business.


Features to consider:

  • call logging – records the numbers dialled by individual extensions
  • call barring -  barring users from dialling out certain numbers
  • automated attendant – callers are offered a series of numbers to press to get to the correct department/extension
  • conference calling – most systems provide this, but any handsets used must have a reliable and efficient microphone as well as a speaker
  • paging – again, ensure microphones and speakers are adequate
  • calling line identification (CLI) – requires a good handset with an adequate display screen
  • music on hold – ensure that it is not too tiresome and that you can add your own choice of music or radio station
  • directory phone book – an internal directory listing all company contacts available for users to dial
  • door system – the facility to link a door lock to the telephone system



We believe that speaking to you directly is the best way to determine your exact needs.

Don’t worry – There’s no pushy sales team – just friendly knowledgeable staff on hand to help. Call us today!


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