Moving office?

Let us help.

When moving office, we offer a free consultation and on site survey service, to ensure that all the crucial planning is covered and the critical questions are answered.


We meet with you and understand your requirements – minimising the stress of moving your business phone systems.


Where necessary we can provide a new business telephone system for your business, maximising cutting-edge technology and efficiency, or alternatively we can assist in the migration of your existing system by installing quality cabling, providing new lines and fast broadband to your new premises.


In short Service Telecom remove the telecommunication hassle out of moving office.


When moving offices it is a great time for a review.  We can provide:


  • Recommendations on telephone systems – your current system or advice on a new system


  • Ongoing Maintenance


  • Competitive call package to save you money


  • Transfer and or install new lines, keeping all existing numbers


  • A robust and rapid broadband service or specialised data connection


  • Mobile phone packages


Remember 99.9% of our clients saved 40% on their existing bills



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