Schools & colleges

When you have the right phone system in your school, you can do a lot of things to enhance the daily experiences of your staff, students and their parents and teachers. At the same time, you can lower your costs and benefit the environment.

The right telephone system can benefit the school in numerous ways. An intelligent phone system can support the day-to-day operations of your school. You can experience:

• Better connectivity among teachers, students, parents and school administrators.
• Better technology use in the classroom to enhance learning experiences
• Distance learning opportunities. Your students can observe classes from around the world and participate in extra-curricular activities.
• Better security and safety in your school.

Every educational system needs effective communication to be successful. Your phone system should be able to support and anticipate all aspects of school life.

The Benefits of the Right Schools Communications System

Better call handling - callers get through to the right contact first time, and have the option to leave a message

Easier communications for teachers and staff - ensure all staff have access to communications both in the classroom and around the school grounds

Timely notification to parents – SMS notification about closures, keeping parents informed with recorded messages

A homework hotline - Equip teachers with broadband telephony to provide additional support to students after school

A means to reduce carbon footprint – One local consolidated supplier for all your ICT needs including calls, lines, broadband and your phone system

Less stress and reduced cost - with better communication

Connecting teachers, students, parents and administrators – this includes notifying parents, students & teachers of events like teacher training days, open evenings & health & welfare or transport issues enabling the use of landlines, wireless ‘phones, mobile radios, IP phones, SMS, email, PA systems & mobile phones

Supporting the use of technology in the classroom to enhance learning – where it is possible to hold lessons that are media-rich, the engagement of children can be increased. Lessons enhanced through the use of voice, data and video to connect pupils to the rest of the world can open out the experiences & imagination of children

Expanding distance and extra-curricular learning opportunities - smart telephone systems increase the availability of courses & course materials to a wider audience and at a wider scope of time than just opening hours. Systems can help to provide virtual classrooms to enable students to learn wherever they are

Enhancing the safety of your school - schools are entrusted with the lives of their pupils & staff and that is a responsibility which is always taken seriously. Modern telephone systems ensure that information on the whereabouts and safety of children can be passed instantaneously as well as allowing emergency situations to be broadcast

Smart call handling – this means that calls can be taken with the minimum of labour and routed to follow people wherever they are, minimising the time people spend waiting to be connected only to find that the person isn’t there & the time spent picking up & responding to messages



Doctors surgeries

There are so many ways in which medical telephone systems can aid the smooth running of doctors surgeries, dental practices and other medical establishments, and moreover improve your patient’s impression and experience of your business.


Auto attendants, used on medical telephone systems, really do help your patients calling time as it will give them prompts on which route to take to deal with their enquiry. If you add to this music on hold, it really does improve the caller’s experience. Equally, an auto attendant will free up your receptionists’ time to deal with patients face-to-face.

You should also look at a medical telephone system which can integrate with other software so that patient data can be brought up on to the screen automatically when your staff answer calls. This sort of technology helps your patients and staff alike.

It is also worth considering disaster recovery planning when thinking about your telecoms set up. For instance, if you are running your system using VOIP technology, and there was an outage on your broadband, you need the ability to transfer your calls to a back up traditional ISDN line. Even natural disasters, such as lightening strikes, need to be planned in and the usage of unterruptible power supplies are the solution here.

Many medical establishments also use SMS messaging successfully for keeping in contact with patients so again this is an area to look at. It is an excellent way of sending out reminders, and reducing wasted appointments.

When it comes to planning your new medical telephone system, you need to ensure you are working with a reputable company who have expertise in your market. Here at Service Telecom, we have many long standing, existing customers in the medical field. They have chosen Service Telecom because of our industry expertise, and our consultative; listening to their exact requirements, and building a medical telephone system tailored to their unique needs.

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