Authentic Food Co

Multi site full IP communication solution for a growing business

TAFC Building

The Authentic Food Company is a food production business split over three sites, two in Manchester and one in Dundalk Southern Ireland with around 300 employees.



TAFC required a modern, easy to use, reliable communication tool capable of working on current infrastructure.

The immediate issues they faced were:


The current phone system had become obsolete and they were no longer able to expand user licenses

They needed more current features including voicemail to email and mobile SIP application.



Having reviewed their requirements and specification, Service Telecom Ltd in collaboration with the in house IT Department at TAFC, agreed that the Panasonic Onelook Network would be the ideal solution.

The internal network and link between the sites was already sufficient to support their chosen technology.

TAFC chose the Onelook Network due to the vast array of features available, including the flexibility to have either one or multiple reception desks, software applications and licences, allowing it to meet the needs of changing single-site and  multi-site organisations.

The system was installed over a two month period.  The main site in Manchester had the system installed first, with all of the programming and features set up and working before setting up the remote site in Dundalk.  This was timed to co-inside with the IT changeover on site.

Final programming changes were then Implemented when all sites were up and running.



Installing the Panasonic NS100  system has meant that TAFC can now communicate effectively over multiple sites.

Messages can be left by staff out of hours which will be received by the shift manager and emailed to HR.

They have gained centralized web administration and can control all aspects of the new system from any point on their internal network.

Increased flexibility for staff on the move via the mobile SIP application which enables calls to be transferred between desks and mobiles at the touch of a button

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