Oerlikon Metco

Paxton Net2 Solution


Oerlikon Metco, is a leading surface solutions provider with a global presence. Providing specialist surface solutions for thermal spray, laser cladding, PTA and weld hard facing improve the performance and efficiency of components and systems. with approx. 40 employees based at their dukinfield site.
Location: Dukinfield, Hyde


Due to the sensitivity of the work undertaken at this site, Metco needed to restrict access to certain areas for both staff & visitors.

On this occasion, the immediate issue was that once in the building, staff and visitor access was unrestricted and visitors could gain access to sensitive areas.


Service Telecom recommended installing the Paxton Net2 door access systems to 5 doors that would then protect the security of the site.

This allowed for the required restricted access for both visitors & staff.  Visitors were then able to access the toilets & the canteen unsupervised whilst maintaining the security of the sensitive areas of the site.

Staff were also given fobs allowing them access to specific areas also enabling the movement of staff to be monitored.


As a result of the success of the initial installation, Metco found the Net2 features and staff movement monitoring invaluable and they have commissioned additional doors to be added to the system enabling further monitoring of staff and out of hours access for drivers to use the facilities using the visitor cards issued on arrival.

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