Marple Hall School

Hosted Voice Solution


Due to the Covid-19 virus, the school needed a solution for key staff to continue to work from home with the capability to communicate with each other
Location: Marple, Stockport

Project Requirements

Following the government decision to close schools to all students except the children of key workers, the Senior Leadership Team wanted a solution to enable communications between key members of staff both on and off site.

Service Telecom were able to provide a flexible solution at minimal cost without any long term contracts.

The Solution

Using our hosted voice communications solution, key staff members are able to continue to communicate with each other and students using the Office UC smartphone app on their own devices.

The Result

Setting up the Hosted Voice Solution the same day, enabled the school to continue to support students and staff during the rapidly evolving situation and giving the school the flexibility to adapt as required.

The online administration portal gave the network manager the access needed


  • Free calls to Local, National and Mobile
  • Free internal calls
  • School number shows on outgoing calls
  • Voicemail to email
  • User web portal
  • Call logging


What They Say

When it became clear that our school would be closing due to Covid-19 I asked Service Telecom how we could extend our phone system to staff working from home in order to keep the school running and they came up with the perfect solution straight away. With their hosted voice solution not only can we all keep in touch without resorting to personal mobiles but it has allowed us to stay in contact with our most vulnerable students whilst upholding our Safegauarding policy. The fact that calls come from the usual school number gives parents the confidence to answer them and maintains our usual professional standards. It was up and running within hours and its flexibility means we can just add users as we need them, keeping costs down. The staff have found it easy to use and invaluable, I honestly don't know what we'd have done without it.

Matt Slatter, Network Manager